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Customize a portfolio of assets that meets your personal needs, for today and the future. Watch your financial health improve over time, as you make consistent contributions to the asset categories and goals that are most important to you.

Your Life

You are unique. Each user saves and spends their money according to their specific and different life situation.

Every purchase you make teaches your personal Smart Pocket who you are, what you value and how you meet your needs.



Harness the power of AI

Your personal preference data is encrypted into a secure anonymous vault.  Using artificial intelligence your personal Smart Pocket will query the database and return to you practical suggestions to save money while meeting your needs. 


By using the Smart Pocket you be able to allocate more money to the assets you value and more energy into living life to the fullest.


Why Annie Stacks?




The #1 most difficult question in the world for any person to answer is - What should I do today, tomorrow and the rest of my life on planet earth?

After you have figured out #1, the second most difficult question becomes - How will the choices I make today, affect how I live tomorrow?


At Annie Stacks, Inc. we are dedicated to helping you discover your best self - through the power of augmented financial intelligence. The simple application will help you focus on your goals and how to put your time and financial resources to the best use for you, and the future you.


 We hope that our products and services will help you to improve your sense of connection with your life, your purpose and the resources you need to get from point A to point Yay.

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